Timelapse video

A timelapse video is produced by using a camera to take pictures at rate slower than it is played back the capture rate can be anywhere from 1 frame every 5 seconds (in normal day light) which is then combined and replayed at 25frames per second (fps).

To give you some idea of what this would show at a capture rate of 1 frame per minute 1 hour would last 2.4 seconds and 8 hours would be over in just less than 20 seconds

this is useful to show variations over a day or compress time to quickly show say a bridge opening or a manufacturing process, many documentary makers have used this to show how busy most towns are becoming with people and traffic but it can show beautiful images of nature in all it's glory as well as man made influences


this example shows water being dripped onto a dissolveing bath bomb recorded at 1 image ever 6 seconds and using a flash to freeze motion, replayed as a gif flie it could also be an AVI, MPG or Flash file for use on your site or presentation


In this example a timelapse shoot over a couple of hours shows the light change between night and day. This was shot with a gap of 10 seconds between shots but because exposure time varied upto 30 seconds there was a variation between shots of 1 frame shot every 11 - 40 seconds


Also because each frame is saved as a separate image they can be used as a Photograph in their own right


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